Kummer I&E Fellowship Application Requirements


If you have applied already to the doctoral program or are a newly admitted incoming doctoral student:

Complete a Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship application

The application includes:

  • A personal statement that should be no more than 1,000-1,500 words, and must address the following:
    • The academic and professional choices you have made to date and why
    • How you envision yourself in a leadership role — expanding human knowledge and/or benefiting society as a whole
    • Descriptions of previous research experiences, if any
    • How you match the following Kummer I&E Fellows profile


Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Profile 

The ideal candidate should possess remarkable motivation and passion for their field of study, with a desire to make significant contributions to their profession and to society. A candidate also should recognize the benefits of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to society, and will consider opportunities to commercialize their research upon graduation. In addition to a strong academic record, the candidate should possess leadership, communication, and decision-making skills, and demonstrate the attributes of successful graduate researchers, including intellectual curiosity, tenacity, energy, and a collaborative mindset.   

  1. Student Resume. In addition to the academic vita, students should highlight leadership experiences and significant achievements from work, school, volunteer projects and extracurricular activities, including a list of honors and awards.
  2. A Letter of Recommendation. The letter should address how the candidate fits the Kummer I&E Fellows Profile, with a particular emphasis on the candidate’s motivation, passion and desire to make significant contributions to their chosen profession and to society, and the desirable attributes of a successful graduate researcher.

Please note that the selection committee reserves the right to request additional information as needed.